My Story

Hey Yall!

Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read about me.  :)

I am a born & raised Southern Gal that loves to cook, bake, sew, quilt, garden, volunteer for animal rescue groups and for groups that service those less fortunate.  I've had pets all my life.  I love watching Pro & College Football.

I came across Scentsy in 2010.  I loved the products and their high quality.   I did my research before joining the company in Feb 2012.  Immediately I went overseas for 3 months to visit my twin sister.  Well, I totally forgot to order $150 in products to keep myself active.  So when I got home back in the States, I was no longer a Consultant.  I continued to follow Scentsy until now including YouTube channels for different Independent Consultants & Directors, Periscope Channels for Heidi & Orville (the Owners), and different Directors.  Since I became inactive in Summer 2012, health issues, surgery, finances, etc got in the way of rejoining Scentsy.  When people say, "Maybe it's not the right time for someone to join your team" it's so freaking true.  The opportunity to rejoin finally opened up and I joined without hesitation on Aug 1st, 2016.


To add some fun into my life.

To treat my hubby to a date night a couple of times a month.

To health pay for an ongoing medical expense of mine.

Income for myself - working at a regular job gives me stress which has a negative effective on my medical issue. I go for biopsies every 3 months and stress shows up on the lab results.

I like how Scentsy is very family oriented, though I don't have children.  I was attracted to how Scentsy gives back to the community with their Charitable Cause Warmers.  Volunteering & "Giving Back" is very important to me and has been for years.

It's great that you don't need a special education or degree to sell or "share" Scentsy.  Scentsy Warmers & Diffusers have a simple system making them very attractive to people from all backgrounds.  No "Deep Explanation" needed.  Just plug in, add wax for the Warmers or oils for the Diffusers, smell & share!  Scentsy is constantly adding new products like the Skin line, Laundry line, Groom line, Kids line, etc.  So there really is something for everyone.

8 out of every 10 homes in the US burn candles or use scented products.  Every home or office could use Scentsy!  Who doesn't love a good smelling home or work space?


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

All Best Wishes,

@pril Bowerman